Dick Skerry

Wednesday weather

Wednesday will be a bright breezy day with possible showers late. wind 12-15 knots south west veering north west. temperature 22c cloud base 3000′. weak 2-3 knot thermals some cumulus cloud thickening as day goes on  

Sunday weather

I have returned from distant parts and hope for an improvement in the weather tomorrow. The wind will be a sprightly 15-20 knots from the north east. with the moist atmosphere and the wind coming of the sea, The cloud base may be a problem but if the temperature gets up to the forecast 15c… Read more Sunday weather

Wednesday weather

Bright sunny start, wind west, 5-8 knots. the thermals will start about 0930 3 knots . as the day goes on high cloud will herald the approach of a front that should bring rain in the evening. Outlook for Saturday, bright and breezy