Help, I’m lost

Gliding clubs can be tricky places to find. If you feel completely lost, call one of the numbers in the footer for guidance.

You are best to follow signs for Woodthorpe Aquatic Centre as we are on the same site and use the same main entrance.

Once on the old airfield, carry on past the aquatic centre, and look for the sandwich board signposting gliding.

We operate at different ends of the runway depending on wind direction, so the arrow may direct you to:

  • carry straight on, in which case you will see cars parked by traffic cones behind the mound. Park up, and walk down the side of the runway once there are no gliders landing or taking off, or
  • turn right up the concrete track. Traffic lights should signal if a launch is in progress, but even so take a good look to your right (including up!) before driving on to the runway in case take off or landing is in progress.