Club and airfield history

The roots of the club go back to a club at Bardney (approx 30 miles west of the current site), formed from club members from RAF Swinderby in 1966. Our ‘founders’ moved to Strubby Airfield in 1978 and established what was at first the Strubby G.C., then changing the name to the Lincolnshire G.C. in March 1992.

Several members have been flying from Strubby since the 1980s.

The airfield has been in use since 1944, and was home to a number of squadrons during WWII including 619. Bombers flown from the site include Vickers Warwicks, Bristol Beaufighters and Avro Lancasters. The site remained in the hands of the RAF until 1980 when it was auctioned off.

Bomber County Aviation Resource lists the history in more detail.