Our goal and main concern is that you experience a safe and enjoyable flight. To achieve this, there are some physical limitations on size and weight imposed by the model of glider.

Age is no barrier
Age is no barrier

Because of the design of our aircraft we can only fly you provided you:

  • are between 4’ 9” to 6′ 4” tall (145cm and 193cm)
  • weigh between 7 to 16 stone (45kg and 102kg)

We cannot accept anyone aged 12 or less for a flight of any kind. The responsible guardian of any young person (aged 17 or under) must be present at their first flight.

In addition, for your safety and that of our instructor, you must confirm that you do not suffer from any condition likely to cause sudden attacks of fainting, giddiness or any other symptom that would be likely to result in your flight being a source of danger to yourself or others. You should not fly if taking medication that precludes operating machinery or driving. The blood alcohol limits for flying are lower than those for driving.