Weather constraints

The British weather is one of the greatest challenges in learning to fly. There are conditions when no flying is possible, and there are others when while experienced pilots are flying it is not suitable for first flights. If you are told it isn’t possible to fly remember that we have your best interests at heart and really want you to enjoy the experience.

All flying is at the Duty Instructor’s discretion: guidance and general descriptions are as follows.

No flying possible:

  • Low cloud, that would mean flying into it on launch
  • Raining, sleeting or snowing (it is sometimes possible to fly with snow on the ground – see gallery of great feats)
  • Fog giving visibility less than 5km/3 miles
  • Conditions that cause canopy misting
  • Turbulent wind conditions (change in wind speed greater than 10 knots/12mph)
  • Strong wind, greater than 20 knots/24 mph
  • Low sun causing problems with visibility on approach and landing

Additional restrictions for first time flights from Strubby:

  • Moderate wind from north or south (directly across the runway)
  • Wind greater than 12 knots/15mph