Booking a flight

Buy now

Buy a voucher for yourself or someone else (valid for min 12 months). See our terms and conditions before buying, in particular in relation to COVID19.

Who is it for?

A trial lesson makes an ideal present for someone looking for an exciting new hobby or a one-off exhilarating experience. There are very few restrictions that would prevent someone from flying. We will send out a voucher for the lucky recipient, with details of what to expect and how to find us.

We offer a range of options to suit anyone from a thrill-seeker with gliding on their bucket list, through to the next Top Gun!

When would you like to fly?

As the lucky recipient of a voucher you can choose a slot to suit you (weather permitting, of course!) on one of our regular flying days. Booking here means we know we have your contact details so we can get in touch to rearrange if the weather isn’t suitable.

Or if you are interested in coming along to pay on the day, check to see if we have slots available and book a place.

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