Weekend weather (from the stand-in forecaster)

Friday saw two cold fronts cross Britain. The associated depression moves north of Scotland over night and through Saturday. This leaves England in the windy south-west sector of the low. The wind will be SW to W at about 20kt with gusts to 35kt – this is out side my comfort zone so I will… Read more Weekend weather (from the stand-in forecaster)

Busy, busy, busy!

For those familiar with Strubby as a tiny, sleepy club, where a day may run with only a single K13 flying, yesterday was a shock to the system. While the log book may only show 19 launches, on closer inspection five gliders were flying and a Turbo-Falke came in to aerotow a visiting glider back… Read more Busy, busy, busy!

Weekend weather

Saturday will be cool and breezy. Temp will be about 13c, wind just north of west 12-15 knots. The thermals will start about 1000 peaking out at standard Strubby 3-4 knots. The cloudbase will go up to about 3500’ no rain no sea breeze. Not a great Kirton day due to the wind strength but… Read more Weekend weather