A successful day of flying

Thanks go to everyone who was able to help out today (Richard, Pat, Paul, Tony, Agnes, Ian, Eddie, Dick, Chris, Jacquie). The group from Ormiston Maritime Academy, Grimsby included three girls who first flew during High Flying Girls week, seven boys who had never flown before, and two teachers – one of whom had soloed… Read more A successful day of flying

Christmas flying (reindeer training)

Saturday 19th December – no flying owing to shortage of people both on the ground and wanting to fly Sunday 20th December – Flying Pies – come along for flying and mince pies. Tony has family to fly, Phil has pies to eat, we may find a box of crackers (photos please for the website!)… Read more Christmas flying (reindeer training)

Derek’s forecast

Hi Folks, We will have an occluded front sitting either over us or very close to us on Saturday.. An occluded front normally comes with a lot of very wet rain so I’m afraid Saturday is a write off. On Sunday there is a cold front moving south but unsure of the timing of when… Read more Derek’s forecast

Soaring successes

The headline story is Paul’s cross country achievement, pushing through northerly winds to arrive at Kirton. Once the formalities are sorted out this may be the second stage of his Silver C completed. Congratulations. A great soaring day – about 10 hours flown by four P1 pilots in only eight launches. Cloud base was above… Read more Soaring successes