Dick Skerry

Weekend weather

Saturday will be a nice day thought a little cool at 18c. wind 10 knots west north west, thermals from 1200- 1700,           5 knots strength Sunday will start bright though the west wind will be lighter and swing round to the east after 1200. there will be no thermals in the easterly wind though it… Read more Weekend weather

Weekend weather

Saturday, light southerly wind maybe slightly east or west. temp 20c, maybe some thermals only 2 knots. no rain, cloud base 2500′ Sunday, slightly fresher wind, 10-12 knots south south west, temp 22, less thermal activity cloudier. just possible rain later. cloud base 3500-4000′ no sea breeze. ,

Strubby soaring week

Just a reminder to all full and temporary members next week 10/08/15 is the famous Strubby soaring week. come along and support your club. There will be a bring your own meat Barbeque on Friday after flying. the weather looks set fair so we will have a good time.  

Wednesday weather

Fairly nice day. cool for the time of year maximum 18c. The wind will be about 12 knots from the south west. cloud base will get to about 4000′ so no problems. the cloud may come and go during the day restricting thermal flights to local only. thermals in the sunny periods will be about… Read more Wednesday weather