COVID-19 Action Plan

We want to support the efforts to slow the spread of this disease whilst continuing to share the mental and physical health benefits of taking part in gliding.

The majority of our members are over 60 and lots are over 70 (we welcome younger members too, but that’s how we are at the moment!). Many members will have reasons for feeling that they or a family member are at increased risk from COVID-19. At the same time members depend on the club to provide a sense of purpose, give structure to their lives, conversations with like-minded people and every now and then we also enjoy the thrill of flight!

For these reasons we are introducing additional control measures and changing our operations temporarily.

The big change is that we are not taking bookings for trial lessons for the next 4 weeks (realistically this will be at least 8 weeks). Vouchers will be extended to enable people to take their flights later in the year.

Other steps are:
– members will not attend site if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in direct contact with someone who has
– members will notify the club if they develop symptoms or have been in direct contact with someone who has them so this can be shared with anyone at the club they may have been in contact with
– decisions on who is to fly (with or without an instructor) remain at the instructor’s discretion
– members will avoid sitting in the bus or caravan with others
– we are obtaining hand sanitiser and wipes to use on the control columns – wearing gloves when flying is also a good idea

The gliding club depends on the health and energy of its members and without them will not keep running. Trial lessons are essential to the club’s viability so we hope to be offering these again soon.