Sunday 23rd April

Sunday came as a complete surprise! early forecasts were for an overcast day with sun coming through by mid afternoon. the Saturday evening forecast was much better forecasting a good thermal day. it turned out to be the best day we have had for about 3 years.

we dragged everything out of the hangar early Phil got his restored DG300 out for the first time and the swallows were out as well. I test flew Phil’s DG and had a job getting it down but duty took over.

Pat was away in the Astir on a 5 hour attempt, Phil was away in the DG both swallows were airborne with john last to land after a late start couple of hours I busied myself getting through the student list.

come the end of the day we took stock. Pat had achieved 5 hours Phil 2 hours though he was impressed with the gliders performance he did comment that it would probably be better if he put the wheel up. John came away with the 2 hours and everyone had a great time. I asked Pat what his best climb rate was and he relied that he had no idea as it was off the clock. that’s in excess of 1000′ per minute folks

Dick Skerry