weekend 29-30th August

Saturday started with a good forecast. we had an early start and the fleet began gathering. K13 and club K6 came out. Paul and Katharine rigged the DG Brian rigged his K6 and Pat dragged the Astir from the hangar. the day proved to be as good as forecast with all the private Gliders and the K6 in the hands of Phil soaring. on the training front Simon reinforced his recent solo all the students had some good flying and we had the infectious humour of the Exley family with young Nathan flying. we flew until 6pm and managed 29 launches and about 14 hours in the day. not bad for Strubby.

Sunday dawned dull with a forecast of rain later. the Exleys turned up again and we got the K13 out to see how far we could get. students turned up on a regular basis and we ended about 1600 in the drizzle. 19 launches in the day but no soaring. a good training day and fun had by all