Strubby soaring week

We have now come to the end of the soaring week. It was as successful as any over recent years with only 1 day not flown.

The wind was easterly all week which is normally a portent of no soaring, but this week was different. the weather was set so that the sea air pushed against the warmer land air and pushed it upwards. this produced lines of strong lift which we could exploit. This was at its best Monday and Tuesday with more of a club atmosphere on Wednesday and Thursday. we had trial lessons galore and 2 ladies coming back day after day. We had a member who we had not seen for a year and another who visited the dark side, flying with engines, revisiting after 20 years.

No brilliant cross country was done but many hours soaring. the big problem of not flying glass ships on the easterly run remains to be solved.

well done to Instructors Dick Skerry and Richard Walker and all those who attended and made this week such a success