The club year

As we approach the years end I thought it would be appropriate to use this medium to update all subscribers as to what we have done.

On Christmas eve we took delivery of a new truck to carry the winch as we thought that the combination of paint and rust that held the old one together was getting unsafe. Oh, and did I mention the rope holding the cab on. The new truck duly arrived following some fast action by various people and it was found that this one had lots of rust in the chassis. Paul and Tony set about getting it ready and finally after the purchase of the entire Scunthorpe steel stock and umpteen thousand welding rods it was passed fit for purpose and the winch was transferred last week and is now fully operational.

On the flying front the weather up until the end of May as quite ordinary then came the summer of 2018. We had week after week of baking days and good thermals though early on the sea breeze  stopped soaring early then from July onwards we had less and less of them and the soaring just got good. The committee formed an intention early in the year to obtain another 2 seater to support KJL. Initial thoughts were a glass fibre glider but prices were silly for anything that wasn’t clapped out and the short winter runways would restrict usage so we bought EBL another K13 from Camphill. initially she was a bit different and people seemed to stick with what they knew but as we learnt her ways she has become more accepted. I think Paul has developed a EBL arm with all the soaring he has done with trial lessons.

Flying wise Pat has completed his Silver and 100km diploma in the Astir and the DG has been ambling about the countryside. the pilots promise a 300kim next year. We had 3 good days in the task week and had a visitor Graham Winch from Essex in his Swallow. the first 2 days of the week were very good but strong cross winds and fog thwarted the rest.

A small but select group enjoyed some soaring at Pocklington on a little expedition.

Peter Dixon from Kirton is coming across from time to time to help out with the instruction.

Next years plans will be published in the new year with some more exciting thigs to get us all going